Thank you for supporting Lougheed House, Calgary’s hub of history,

cultural happenings, programs and events.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected all our lives.
Thousands of people are struggling with loneliness, anxiety and depression.
Your donation to the Lougheed House improves people’s lives and helps our community recover from the pandemic. Thank you!

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There are many other ways to help!

As an independent charity and non-profit, Lougheed House Conservation Society relies on community support and raises over 50% of its revenues annually to continue to provide its programs and services to visitors. Supporting the operations of the House this year has never been more crucial or necessary to the ongoing mission of the House as we navigate the uncertainties in earned revenue that has fluctuated through these trying times.

We need your help to be part of the solution, ensuring that Lougheed House can continue to provide the cultural and community experiences so necessary to a life well lived in our city. Please consider a donation, of any amount, to help ensure the lasting impact of the good work being done through our programs, services, exhibits, events and Gardens.

Lougheed House issues an automatic tax receipt for your charitable donation of $20 or more and will send a receipt for a lower amount upon request. 

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How your donation helps Lougheed House:

Your contributions have a direct impact on what Lougheed House offers to the community and the culture of Calgary!

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Lougheed House – 707 13 Avenue SW Photo: Chris Stutz / www.PrepTours.ca