April 5 - June 30, 2024

Restore & Revive: Featuring 10 Alberta Old Buildings is an exploration of Alberta’s historical buildings through a new lens. Using the themes of restoration and built heritage preservation, this exhibition features Aeris Osborne’s 10 Alberta Old Buildings painting series. It highlights connections between people, places, and the past to emphasize the importance of preserving historic buildings to withstand the test of time. Discover the stories within Lougheed House’s sandstone walls and develop a new appreciation for the structures that have built our shared past.

As a self-taught visual artist who moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from Hong Kong in 2007, Aeris Osborne was born and raised in both Eastern and Western cultures. Her cultural background influences her perspective on life as well as her Art.
Aeris is the 2022 Alberta Artist In Residence (AIR)/ Art Ambassador, the 3rd Alberta artist & 1st immigrant appointed by the Government of Alberta for this grant award since 2019. She has been painting for over 14 years and is known for painting bold impressionist heritage and landscape paintings and her husband fully supports her ideas.

Alberta Old Buildings - Calgary Lougheed House - Aeris Osborne
Alberta Old Buildings - Calgary Lougheed House - Aeris Osborne