About Us

Lougheed House Conservation Society

Lougheed House is operated by the Lougheed House Conservation Society, a non-profit and charity, formed in 1995 to conserve the property. The National and Historic Site was opened in 2007 to the public, with restored House and Gardens, educational programs, exhibitions, a museum collection, restaurant, shop and venue rentals. Today it is led by a volunteer Board of Directors, operated by our staff team, and assisted by volunteers. The Society receives approximately 40% of its core funding from the Government of Alberta to operate the Site on behalf of Albertans and raises the remaining operational funding each year through grants, donations, sponsorships and earned revenues.

Lougheed House is the former home of Senator and Lady Lougheed and today engages with community to develop dynamic exhibitions, programs and events that showcase the histories of Calgary and the role Lougheed House has played in the development of our city.

Our Volunteers

Lougheed House is grateful for the dedicated volunteer service given annually by our over 40 dedicated individuals. Their value cannot be calculated and the camaraderie is an inspiration. For information about becoming a Lougheed House volunteer, visit.

Volunteers - 2018

2018 – Volunteer Appreciation Day attendees