Lougheed House School Programs

Lougheed House c1909

Lougheed House offers hands-on full- and half-day inquiry-based educational programs for Grades 1 through 6 that align with Alberta Education curriculum outcomes and skills. Students will have the opportunity to explore the house and gardens, and to discover stories about history, First Nations and Métis heritage, land, community and culture.

New for 2023 / 2024

Programs include stronger connections for grades 1-5 to the existing Social Studies curriculum, existing Fine Art curriculum, and the new curriculum for English Language Arts and Literature. Each program is scalable for different grade skill levels and curriculum outcomes.

All programs use Lougheed House as a lens to prioritize active inquiry and critical, creative, and historical thinking through the exploration of themes in the histories of Alberta, Canada, and the world.

All programs now provide more Indigenous content, specifically with hands-on activities and stories that shed light on the Métis experience. If your class enjoyed our Lady Belle program, that information can now be found throughout our program offerings.