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Programs for Grades 1-6 and House tours for Grades 1-12

Your students will explore and tour Alberta’s most opulent and significant Victorian sandstone mansion. Through hands-on inquiry based learning, they’ll explore through artifacts that will empower them to create a connection with the past. Immerse your students in Lady Lougheed’s Métis heritage by learning how to dance the Red River jig, just as she would have done. Use theatre to explore the diverse stories of families who immigrated to Alberta, let your students try their hand at building their own Victorian Christmas gifts, and so much more!


The Lady of Lougheed House, Isabella Hardisty Lougheed (Lady Belle),
had an extraordinary life. From spending her early childhood in the
far north to her arduous travels by canoe and wagon across Canada,
students will explore her rich Métis heritage and her family connections
to the fur trade and Hudson’s Bay Company. By being fully immersed
in the house itself, students will compare what it might have been like
to live in a small, rough fur-trading fort versus a large, rich, beautiful
mansion. This program includes a tour of Lougheed House as well as a
hands-on exploration of culturally significant artifacts.

LIFE AT LOUGHEED HOUSE Grades 1-5 (Social Studies)

From Maids and Butlers, to Cooks and Gardeners, this program explores
the lives of the many people who lived and worked at Lougheed House
over a hundred years ago. Students will be introduced to artifact handling
and will have the opportunity to interact with a wide assortment of
historical objects and tools. As a group they will identify who in the house
would have used each item and will reflect on how those same tasks are
accomplished today. Upstairs, students will be given a tour which will
detail what a typical day would have consisted of for a member of the
Lougheed family or their staff.

Children's/Family Programs

ART EXPLORERS Grades 1-6 (Social Studies and Art)

Lougheed House is rich in its unique Victorian style and design motifs.
After learning sketching techniques, students will be given supervised
time to explore the house and will be encouraged to closely observe their
surroundings by using sketching as a mode of looking. As well, students
will have an opportunity to sculpt and mold their own architectural
features, inspired by those present inside the house. All art supplies used
by the students are provided, i.e. worksheets, pencils, clipboards and
sculpting materials.

A LAND OF OPPORTUNITY Grades 4-6 (Social Studies)

This program tells the stories of six families, of different backgrounds, who chose to immigrate to Alberta at the turn of the century. Upstairs, students will have the opportunity to connect with the personal stories of these families and reflect upon the reasons they chose to immigrate to Alberta through short readers theatre plays, complete with a small stage set and props. A variety of roles will be available so that all students will have a positive experience participating in this activity. Downstairs, students will interact with and investigate an extensive collection of culturally significant objects which families chose to bring to Alberta. Students will learn about how these objects are endowed with both personal and cultural meanings.

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VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS - Seasonal Only (November - December) Grades 1-5 (Social Studies and Art)

Come and experience the magic of Lougheed House during the holiday season when the house is filled with decorations and over a dozen Christmas trees! This program centers around the significance of traditions in various cultures and how they’ve shifted and changed over time. By having the opportunity to share their own holiday traditions, and then design and build their own Victorian gifts and postcards, students will get to experience firsthand, what it would have been like to prepare for the season in the early days of Calgary’s History. All projects and crafts created by the students are theirs to take home and share with the rest of their friends and family. This seasonal program is extremely popular, with only a few slots available and books up quickly!

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Common Questions

Half-Day Field Trip (House History + 1 Program)
$97.50 for up to 15 students. $6.50 for each additional student to a maximum of 50.

Full-Day Field Trip (House History + 2 Programs)
$150 for up to 15 students. $10.00 for each additional student to a maximum of 50.

House Tours - 1 hour
$50 for up to 10 students. $5.00 for each additional student, up to a maximum of 25.

AN INTIMATE CONNECTION WITH CALGARY’S PAST In 1891 James and Isabella Lougheed, one of Alberta’s most influential families, built this beautiful mansion on what was then the outskirts of a young pioneer town.

Since then, Dukes and Duchesses, Princes and Princesses, and the first female contingent of the Canadian army during WWII, have stayed at Lougheed House and brought with them their own unique stories. These personal stories of fascinating people are the connective threads running through all of our school programs.

Students can metaphorically grasp the threads and unravel these unique histories as a lived experience as opposed to a static, abstract concept. The intimate and familiar environment of our cozy home is a truly unique learning space, where we empower students to create a personal connection with the past, one that informs the present and future.


A great in-class resource for teachers!

Use the new Virtual Museum of Canada online exhibit, Conflicting Loyalties: The Hardisty Family Legacy, to teach your students about Lady Isabella Lougheed’s fascinating life story and identity. Her childhood journey that brought her from an HBC outpost in Fort Resolution, NWT to Calgary where she became a feted, generous and influential citizen, is rewarding visual material for your students.

The exhibit reveals a complex, determined, generous woman, and her experiences in the new community of Calgary is as rich and engrossing as a great historical novel.

Lady Isabella Hardisty Lougheed