Lougheed House Re-Imagined

“Because our story is best told together.” 

Lougheed House Re-Imagined is a reimagining of the stories we tell and the way we tell them. We are planning to redevelop the permanent exhibits at Lougheed House to tell our city’s history through the diverse stories and perspectives of the people who made this place.

We are continuing to grow in the area of co-creation, collaboration, and storytelling as we redevelop our permanent exhibits.

Lougheed House aspires to be a place where all visitors can have an experience that connects them to the city of Calgary and to their own identity as a citizen of or visitor to our city. We are doing this by joining with Calgarians to hear their stories and to present them in new, experiential, and interactive ways. See some of our recent projects.

As witness to nearly 130 years of history, we intend for Lougheed House to become a place where the inquisitive mind can delve into the surprising and diverse history of Calgary. This will be a place where a visitor can pluck a single thread that contributes to the intricately woven tapestry of our great city and explore how vital it is to the Calgary of today. The Lougheed House – Senator and Lady Lougheed, their family, the House’s later occupants, and the physical structure itself – are all woven through this compelling narrative that explores the multi-faceted history of this city. We are excited by the possibilities that these discussions present to develop a rich, accessible, and immersive experience with history in one of Calgary’s oldest houses. To hear some of the stories we’re collecting, visit our blog.

For an overview of the project, watch our introductory video on the Lougheed House YouTube channel.

The Invitation

We believe that our city’s history is best told when a diversity of voices contribute to the telling. So, we are inviting Calgarians to work with us to identify the stories of the people that shaped our city’s past, and the diverse perspectives that need to be represented in the telling of our history today.

We are being guided in this work by our newly formed Community Advisory Committee. The purpose of the committee is to advise Lougheed House on the redevelopment of the permanent exhibits and the development of a new interpretive approach.

First meeting of the Community Advisory Committee and Lougheed House staff:

From top left Ari Cubangbang, Joyce Marie Healy, Caroline Loewen – LH Curator, Kevin Allen, Matt Hiltermann, Kay Burns – LH Exhibit Coordinator, Teresa Woo-Paw, Holleay Rohm – LH Programs Manager, Preet Dhanjal, Kirstin Evenden – LH Executive Director, Colleen Peters, Cheryl Foggo

Members of the committee:

Ari Cubangbang: Student, Artist, Activist, Member of Disability Action Hall

Preet Dhanjal: Community Engagement Specialist, Educator

Cheryl Foggo: Filmmaker, Author, Playwright, Historian

Joyce Marie Healy: Blackfoot Elder, Fluent Blackfoot Speaker, Educator

Matt Hiltermann: Métis Historian, Artisan, Cultural Interpreter

Tereasa Maillie, Writer, Researcher, Historical Consultant

Colleen Peters: Artist, Member of Disability Action Hall

Teresa Woo-Paw: Community Organizer, Diversity Consultant, Founder of Asian Heritage Foundation

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“Because our story is best told together.”