Lougheed House Conservation Society

Our Vision: Historic Possibilities

Our Mission:

Lougheed House is a house of story. A place where we engage individuals and community in meaningful ways to share and honour our diverse experiences. We innovateinterpret, and explore the many dimensions of our past, while fostering dialogue about our future. 

Our Values:

  • We are caring and inclusive in what we do and how we make things happen  
  • Collaborative in our programs and activities  
  • Innovative as a response to changing times and circumstances  
  • Open and transparent in all that we do  
  • Respectful of our complex past, of our stakeholders, the community and each other 
  • Responsible through good governance, prudent management and fiscal practices, we are accountable to our stakeholders and sustainable 


Lougheed House Board of Directors


Board Members (Missing Photos)

Melissa Cook – Vice Chair

Sheila LeBlanc – Director


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