Out from Under the Shadows: A Light Projection Installation piece by Bryan Faubert.

On display from Sunset to 11:00 pm every night until November 1, 2021

Artist Statement

These figure-based works construct a cultural and ethnic, genderfluid hybrid; these diverse figures are literally interconnected to one another forming tightly knit compositions of communities. Attached to their heads where you would usually find ears, I have supplemented aortic valves. The purpose of these heart-like valves is two-fold: firstly it is tied to the notion that the heart is in the head, and thusly active listening is an important attribute to better understand one another; secondly, as it could be said that it is important to speak from the heart, it is also necessary to listen with one. These aortic valves are capable of more than just hearing what is said, it reads another’s aura, prenotions, perceptions and sensitivities, to give the receptor awareness; they aid the listener in apprehending what is beyond words.


Bryan Faubert received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia University of Art and Design and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary in 2020. His new work featuring projected shadows, or Shadow Bombing, refers to the graffiti practice of putting up large, quickly rendered, duo tone, text-based arrangements in aerosol; the act of going out ‘bombing’. Faubert has exhibited these works thus far in Toronto at Luminosity in the Beaches district and Saskatoon in correlation with the installation of a public sculpture: Out from Out Where X. His largest shadow mural to date, which will project a shadow mural of over 100’ squared, will be projected out of a decommissioned LRT car situated here in Calgary at 10th Street and 8th Avenue Southwest later this month. Faubert runs his interdisciplinary art practice out of a studio at the nvrlnd. Arts Foundation which he shares with his loving wife Claudia Chagoya.



Part of Summer of Story at Lougheed House