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Exhibits at Lougheed House

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Courtesy of Glenbow Archives. 2nd image: Image No: NA-2631-6. Ambroise Dydime Lepine, Métis leader during Red River rebellion. Date unknown.
Courtesy of Glenbow Archives. No: PA-2807-2779. Muchachoes, Calgary, Alberta. A Métis band from Calgary. [ca. December 19, 1967]. L-R: Rick Anderson; Louis Dumont; Charles Dumont; Tony Lavalley.

Exploring Métis Identity
Past and Present

June 20, 2019 - Sept 29, 2019

Our new summer exhibition explores Métis identity from a number of perspectives, both historical and contemporary.


Métis artists from around the province consider what it means to be Métis, while showcasing the internal diversity of the contemporary Métis Nation.


Artists featured in the exhibition include: Brittany Cherweniuk, Sharon Cherweniuk, Dawn Saunders Dahl, Sarah Houle, Alyse McLeod, Heather Morigeau, Heather Shillinglaw, Kit Walton.

Isabella Clark Hardisty Lougheed and son Clarence, 1887.

The history of Lougheed House is very much a part of the Métis history of Calgary as Lady Isabella Lougheed (below) was herself Métis and an early community builder in the city. As such, the exhibition also features her story, as well as historical vignettes, artifacts, maps, and photographs which consider a fresh perspective on how Métis history has been presented historically and what this history means in the context of the evolving idea of Métis identity today.

Courtesy of Glenbow Archives. No: PA-1599-161-3. Canadian Métis Club members Mrs. Ernest Smith and Mrs. J. B. MacLeod display handicrafts, Calgary, Alberta, [ca. December 9, 1968]