Outdoor ice sculptures & pop-up art installations Feb. 20-28th

Visit our Lougheed House grounds as we present our first-ever Snowbird Festival, our COVID-era collection of new outdoor pop-up installations & ice sculptures by YYC artists. Our gardens are not as warm as the beaches many of us fly to in winter, but this is the year for staying home and enjoying open outdoor winter fun that is free to all. For creative inspiration, for fresh air, and for free, come to Snowbird Festival. Open 7-11 every day February 20-28.

1. On the west side of Lougheed House is our “Winter Garden”, a visual delight of fantastical and oversized fountains, flowers, topiaries, benches, and birds courtesy of the artists at Dream Design & Decor. Follow the footpath (and COVID safety protocols; remain 6’/2m apart, wear a mask, and do not gather in groups of more than 10 people. See current public health restrictions ) that takes you through a colourful flower arch and on to:

  • a giant flower tea cup
  • ice benches
  • topiaries
  • a deer mannequin
  • an ice recreation of the original water fountain that first graced our Lougheed House grounds in the early 1900s.

Our Winter Garden is brimming with great backdrops that surround you with bold colours and shapes for your definitive winter selfie!

See our Winter Garden Gallery Guide to learn more about the Snowbird artists.



2. Our southwest lawn is where seven Calgary artists have placed pop-up interventions that respond to the theme of fact vs. fiction – “Play, Place, & Pretence”. These works will playfully challenge your notions of truth and meaning-making in contemporary society. This subject is relevant to Lougheed House and museums that want to question historical narratives and think critically about what is authenticity and whose voice is authoritative.

Participating artists are:

  • Dick Averns
  • Candace De Vuyst
  • Morgan Melenka
  • Autumn Rogers
  • Ewa Sniatycka
  • Jenna Swift
  • and an ice sculpture by Julian Lee (Ice Man Julian).

See our Play, Place, & Pretence Gallery Guide for Snowbird artists’ statements.