Thanks to what you did for us, we can do more for Calgary.

Victoria Sutherland and her husband supported our Spirit of Christmas Raffle and then won its Luxury Staycation prize

This past holiday season, thank you for volunteering your time and for liking and sharing Lougheed House’s social media posts, for purchasing Spirit of Christmas raffle tickets and for donating money.

We set an ambitious holiday season fundraising goal of $10,000 to recoup admissions revenue losses due to pandemic public health measures and being closed for over six months in 2021.

Thanks to your support, we raised over $9,100 – very close to our 2021 fundraising goal – and that money allows us to do more community building with our exhibits and programs.

Compared to 2020, our supporters generously purchased 55 per cent more raffle tickets and directly donated 30 per cent more dollars. I am thrilled!

Our Luxury Staycation raffle winner Victoria Sutherland is also very pleased, as she and her husband (seen in the photo, above) are currently scheduling their 1st Prize Luxury Staycation with City & Country Wine and Azuridge Estate Hotel.

We asked Victoria why she chooses to support Lougheed House. She said, “I enjoy visiting the Lougheed house it provides a wonderful insight into a family that has impacted the history of Alberta and Canada and you learn about which ever exhibit they are running at the time of your visit. A magnificent house with beautiful architecture a treasure to be protected in our city.”

Thanks to City & Country and Azuridge for their raffle prize donations. I also want to thank the 2nd Prize raffle donor CalgaryWalks & Bus Tours.  I am looking forward to taking the 3rd Prize winners on a private tour of Lougheed prior to their lunch donated by A Certain Flare Catering – thank you all!

Patricia Newson purchased two raffle tickets and frequently attends Lougheed events. She said, “The beauty and traditional structure of Lougheed House is important to maintain and carry forward so that us modern residents recognise and remember that Calgary’s backbone and economic strength are founded by such historical families.”

Thank you Victoria and Patricia for purchasing raffle tickets! And thank you to all our volunteers and donors for supporting historical conservation and the community-building exhibits and programs at Lougheed House.

Kirstin Evenden, MA.

Executive Director, Lougheed House.

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