Q & A with Jordan Hamilton, Lougheed House’s Fund Development Manager

Jordan (far right) and his son at the 2018 Beltline Bonspiel at Lougheed House.

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Jordan (far right) and his son at the 2018 Beltline Bonspiel at Lougheed House.

Our new Fund Development Manager, Jordan Hamilton, may already be known to many of you, due to his experience as an instrumental member of invaluable Calgary organizations like The Mustard Seed and the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society.

At Lougheed House, Jordan will create and oversee all aspects of our fund development, including campaign development, individual and corporate giving, and stewardship.

A Beltline resident (he can see Lougheed House from his own house), Jordan has a Master’s degree in Economics, an MBA, and a Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal “for making a significant contribution to Canada”. He is a member of the Rotary Club of Downtown Calgary and is a proud father of a nine-year-old boy. He also enjoys hiking, cycling, gardening, and good conversation.

Jordan may be well known in Calgary, but in answering our questions he reveals a few hidden sides to his personality, interests, and ideals.

  1. Describe the main components of your LH job.

I feel like I have the best job in the world because I spend every day with historians and curators, learning about history and culture. I also get to meet very generous donors who help present people’s stories in new, experimental, and interactive ways.

  1. What/where is the greatest museum experience you’ve ever had (as a visitor, anywhere on earth), and what made it meaningful? 

Shortly after it opened, I walked through the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa with my Father, a decorated military veteran. It was amazing to hear his perspective on the exhibits and how they represented the human experience of war, including his 35 year and 10-day experience in the Canadian Armed Forces.

  1. Has anything surprised you about Lougheed House? 

In 2018 at the Beltline Garden Party and Dog Parade at Lougheed House, I was surprised and delighted to meet Parker Chapple, a drag king, and Felicia Bonee, a drag queen. Before that experience, I never thought I’d learn about gender identity and gender expression at Lougheed House. I have wanted to work for Lougheed House ever since then!

  1. Had you ever visited Lougheed House before you applied to work here? 

Yes. The Lougheed House restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants in Calgary. You must try Chef Judy’s eggs benedict. They are delicious!

Jordan (far right) and his son at the 2018 Beltline Bonspiel at Lougheed House.

  1. Do you have any personal or professional interests that occupy your time when you are not working at Lougheed House? 

I enjoy gardening. I manage my Beltline condominium’s landscaping services and have built an award-winning community garden program in Downtown Calgary. I am excited to meet more of the Lougheed House gardeners.

  1. What is the period in history that most appeals to you, and why? 

I am very interested in the second half of the 19th century and westward expansion. My family immigrated to Canada from Eastern Europe during this period. They lived in a “soddie” and farmed. I have a wonderful life because of their sacrifices.

  1. If you could go back in time, what person would you most want to get to know? And how would you want the 2 of you to spend that time?

I’d like to join Lady Lougheed on her front steps and watch her neighbours walk past her home, while we sip tea and discuss her vision for Calgary.

  1. What do you think most Calgarians would be surprised to know about Lougheed House? 

I think people would be surprised to learn that Lougheed House depends on community support to preserve Calgary’s extraordinary history. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we need your help more than ever. Please share your stories. Follow Lougheed House on social media. And make monthly donations or a one-time gift. We believe history belongs to everyone. Together, let’s reimagine history and create engaging programs and exhibits that reflect your experience.


  1. Mary Fandrey on May 23, 2021 at 12:54 pm

    As a former garden volunteer, I am interested in the #LovelougheedGardens fundraising campaign. Specifically, how will the funds raised be used to ensure continued enjoyment of the gardens? Are the funds being used for plant purchases & garden materials? What portion or percent of the funds will be used for salaries and administrative costs?

    • BlogAdmin on June 1, 2021 at 10:26 am

      Hi Mary, it’s wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for volunteering in the Gardens and for expressing an interest in the 2021 #LoveLougheedGardens campaign. This year, we are fundraising to plan the garden’s design and care, replenish the soil nutrients with compost and mulch, and purchase seeds, annuals and permanent plantings, including bulbs, shrubs, and trees. Recently, we purchased four new self-watering planters: our hardworking gardeners installed them last week. We work with over 40 volunteer gardeners, which helps keep our staffing and administrative costs low. All the money we raise through the #LoveLougheedGardens campaign will be put into programs to support the gardens. Our management and admin costs are very low. In 2019, for example, Lougheed House’s total income from all revenue sources was $938,334, $843,675 was spent on programs and only $113,848 was spent on management and administration. This year, revenue will be significantly lower. Your support will make a big difference.
      – Jordan

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