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We are excited to launch our new ecommerce site where you now have digital access to our Shop products, our Restaurant’s in-home dining experiences, and donation opportunities that will make it easy to support the House! The platform will also soon offer purchase of admissions to our House and our programs.

Our ecommerce platform is starting small to ensure that we refine our ecommerce offering and that visitors have a safe, secure, and successful purchasing experience online. Until May 5th, our ecommerce launch will be focused on processing orders for our unique Mother’s Day experience.

Necklace by Cherry Deacon, scarf by Seta & Ink, and purse by Illo Leather.

Initially, our online page offers 25 gifts unique to Lougheed House that mothers and shoppers alike love. We will be expanding the offer over time and look forward to showcasing our local Shop artists, their stories, and new product lines. LHCS members, be sure to contact us after setting up your account so that we can ensure you receive your discount.

Curbside pickup & shipping
The Lougheed House Shop will offer curb-side pickup on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well as Canada Post ground shipping to Canadian locations. Watch for alternative shipping options, virtual gift cards, customer reviews, gift wrapping and more in the months to come. The online experience will continue to curate the product offer with exhibits and programs, seasonal events, and support of local artists.

We appreciate that our shoppers – like our visitors – care about Lougheed House. This venture will help us remain a hub in Calgary for years to come. We thank everyone for their orders.

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