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Welcome to Lougheed House: Stories! Have you ever wanted to know more about the people who worked at Beaulieu, or get a glimpse into the back rooms of a museum? Ever wondered how an exhibit gets its start? 

In biweekly posts, find out about new research, what makes a historic house museum different than any other museum (and the challenges that come with it), sneak peeks into our current project, Lougheed House Reimagined, and so much more. Keep checking back or look for new posts on social media!  

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The Story of Charles Daniels

October 20, 2020

Charles Daniels worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway during the early 20th century as an inspector for porters. At the time, one of the few jobs for black men was…

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Ten questions with Jane Reksten, our new Lougheed House Head Gardener

July 21, 2020

1. You’ve been Manager of Olds College’s 15 acres of botanic gardens & greenhouses for over 8 years. Tell us about that place. I was a student at Olds College…

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